Sunday, January 20, 2013



                     HOSTED BY CWS !SIMPLY THE BEST!

                       BLACK AND WHITE RUNWAY

Cws hosted a show last night that was incredible. The owners Anrol Anthony and Steve101 McCullough owners of  CWS !SIMPLY THE BEST! made avaiable the Black and White runway for this show sponsered by Ms VistoriaV Martiel, owner, designer and creator of Victoria Designs.
The first of many gowns that were modeled BEATRIX in azure blue had a long wrapped textured top showing off your shoulders and slender waist. The skirt was wide and ends on an irregular bottom line showing the fluid movement with each step you take.
Emily in white/red has an open top showing off the shoulders, forearm length sleeves on a patterned lace shirt dropping down to show a curved bottom line. The wide skirt gives the impression of waltzing with your partner as you float around on the ballroom floor.  One of three shown these are gowns you'd love to pull out of your closet for a night out with that someone special.
Helen which I wore is a very classy and elegant casual set. A black jacket  with lapels and collar, slender waist line flaring out over your hips.  The short skirt blended in from the jacket showing off my beautiful long legs is black with white patterns.
The Sidney set. A dream with the wide open cut front and minidress with black and silver checkerboard pattern topping shiny shorts or long leggings in silver.  Allowing you to wear this with boots or heels.
Holly in red an elegant cocktail dress showing a classic design worn off the shoulders.  Form fitting yet the gathered matterial off the left bodice gives the impression of a red wrap, yet shows pure elegance.
Wendy, a gown I wore, red pink shaded colors makes you ready for valentines day. A strapless top with a straight cut bust line showing off my shoulders smoothing down below my waist line into a skirt flaring down to the floor, The whte patterned lace on the top into the skirt really brought out this color.
Looking for some flash? Try Sophia a movie star look that would fit you in with all the glitz and glamour of the stars. Your groom will love this look as you float towards him.
Some not all of the designs by Ms VictoriaV Martiel were shown you'll love shopping here.
Myself and the other models listed here would like to thank Ms Martiel, Anrol and Steve for giving us a chance to show these beautiful outfits. 

Liberty Lighthouse
Sidney Abbot
Ladysunfire Erin
Janet Brink

Ms Martiel has another shop if you'd like to visit            VictoriaV